Photos coming soon.

I neglected to tell the most spectacular aspect of the whole drawer-building affair: my accident.

This is one of those stories that solidifies my faith that God is watching out for me. I was getting ready to round over the top edges of my drawers and for this task, I had my router all set up in the router table (hanging upside down). Unfortunately I forgot to lock the motor down in its base so that when I hit the power switch, the spinning motor (with its sharp spinning bit) promptly fell out onto the floor.

Well, not exactly the floor. The spinning bit landed squarely on top of my left foot. In the newspaper stories about things like this, disaster always follows and the story finishes up with the victim describing how his life is now different but he’s learning to live normally again. Thank goodness my story doesn’t turn out that way.  The bit completely ripped off the top of my tennis shoe and also the sock underneath. The resulting load and torque on the motor cause it to flip off onto the floor and by this time I had hit the kill switch. I had felt it hit my foot but was almost afraid to look. Usually when a sharp tool hits you and you feel nothing, it’s a bad thing. But I looked down and saw my own toes; still attached although a bit scratched. If that bit had dug one millimeter deeper, I would have had to go to the emergency room. As it was, I got immediately back onto the horse that threw me, so to speak, and finished what I was doing then I went inside, doctored the scratches with some peroxide and a bandaid, and collapsed on the bed with relief. I spent the rest of the evening thinking about ways I could modify that table to contain the motor if I ever forget to lock it down again.

I’ve got photos of my destroyed shoe as well as the project itself.