This past weekend was a bit unstructured; which I tend to like.  Due to Evan’s work schedule, Erin’s busy general schedule, and simple lack of planning on our part, we aren’t going to take a vacation this year.  At least not one of those where we load the family in the car and drive someplace for a week.  This year we will have to be a bit more original.  So at the last minute, I’ve just decided to take off most of the week of the 4th and just do “stuff”.  We intend to drive over into Arkansas and visit one of the civil war battlefields and visit Mel’s brother.  Then I’m going to hang around the house and finish the kitchen cabinet upgrade plus (hopefully) get and install the new microwave oven.

This past weekend, I began the final push to finish the cabinet project.  I stained and put on a thin coat of shellac on the inside of the cabinet and also bought the miscellaneous hardware to install the drawers.  I also cut some cleats to attach the drawer slides to as well as staining and sealing them as well.  I tried to make up some shellac for the purpose but as usual, I only started on the day I needed it so all the flakes didn’t dissolve.  I put it in a double boiler to hasten the process along and I guess it did hasten it a little but I still ended up using some pretty dilute stuff.  It’s all good though; I only needed to seal the surface.  Now with this all done, I can focus on building the drawers.

Last night, we went to hear the senior citizen’s choir at church; they were singing some patriotic favorites.  Then we drove over the the local bible college where they were having some fireworks.  This was relatively unknown and local so the traffic was not bad at all and we got a prime spot in the parking lot of a local car wash.   July the 4th can be extremely variable; I can remember sitting in beastly heat waiting for the fireworks to start and one summer in July it reached 108 degrees during the day.  Last night, perhaps because of the rain, it was actually a bit cool.  You just never know.