July 2007

At long last, we got the trim kit for our new microwave and so rather than having a nice microwave oven sitting in a bare hole in the cabinetry, we now have a new oven sitting in a properly trimmed out frame.  It looks pretty nice too; almost as if somebody installed it who knew what he was doing.  It will pass almost any test for looks though.

I also attempted to fix a couple of drawers in my workbench that were sticking but it was just too hot to do anything out there.  I left it off until it cools off – a lot.  That should be in about October.  Until then, I’ll just have to deal with sticking drawers.

I completed a number of other random chores this weekend which don’t make for good reading but which are necessary for good housekeeping.


Mel and I went to a free concert last night by “Midlife Crisis”; a local rock band.  Yes, they are all older guys playing the old classics.  They were selling T-shirts with “OLD GUYS RULE” on the back.  I almost bought one but I don’t know any old guys.  Hmmm…..

We’ve been helping Evan decide what he wants to do with his life lately and arranged for dinner with a local architect.  She was quite nice and we bombarded her with questions.  I’m not sure he’s made up his mind but he seemed pretty excited by the whole thing.

I’m trying to arrange the same thing with a local physician so that we can look at that possibility as well so hopefully by this fall he will be ready to fill out paperwork at some local university.  Than we can start praying about how to pay for it.

We drove over to Fayetteville this weekend to attend the wedding of… I was never good with family tree things; I’m not sure if she’s my niece or something else. She is the adopted daughter of my brother-in-law so whatever that works out to be is what the relationship is. But nevertheless, it was a typical fun family get together which is why I like weddings.

She married her long-time boyfriend and local businessman who owns Jose’s on Dickson street as well as another restaurant, a skate park, and a variety of other enterprises as well as being a tax commissioner. The man is an example of a hyperactive kid who turned his hyperactivity into something constructive. He told me that on the morning before the ceremony, he and his buddy were out wake-boarding. He is a one-man beehive of activity. My favorite quote from the weekend: “Accounting Rocks!”. I never thought I’d hear that statement from anybody – ever.

The ceremony was at Cooper Memorial chapel in Bella Vista which is one of two (that I know of) chapels designed by the architect E. Fay Jones. It is similar to the more familiar Thorncrown chapel near Eureka Springs and is a place that seems to be all-glass when you’re inside. The ceremony was therefore very beautiful and remarkably low key considering the groom’s local celebrity status.

The reception was back in Fayetteville at the UARK Bowl. That place was a landmark when I was in school there although it was an unused hulk at the time. It has been renovated like most places on Dickson street and the reception was held inside. I find it hard to believe that it was ever a bowling alley due to its small size but history is history. I wish I had seen it in its heyday. There was much eating and dancing. I guess it isn’t surprising that a restaurant owner would manage to have lots of food at his reception.

We all stayed in the Cosmopolitan hotel downtown which is either new or renovated. I don’t remember anything being there from my days in school but I’ve come to realize that I didn’t ever get very far away from campus. I hadn’t realized that at the time but there’s a lot more in Fayetteville than I was ever aware of. Some is new but much of it has always been there. Many things are renovated but were always there in one form or another.  We all got up Sunday morning and met in the restaurant for breakfast which, for me, was more fun than the reception since there was no blaring music to get in the way of conversation.  Mel and Evan were engaged in an interesting conversation about business but I got roped into listening about how the corn crop was stunted by the extreme rains we’ve had.  Not that this is irrelevant but I was more interested in the conversation about what Evan might major in than gardening.

Still, it was fun.  We need more weddings.  Or perhaps just more family get togethers.

All Done!

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I guess I should let Mel have the honors of loading it up with stuff.

The Destroyed Shoe/Sock

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It doesn’t look too bad from here; I could have sworn that hole was bigger.



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Here are the first few photos. More to come as the project finishes up.  Click on the picture and it will take you to flickr.com where there are more notes on the details as well as some more photos.

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