Father’s day is usually a low key event around our house but this year, they said “What do you want to do for father’s day?”  Well, I had an answer.

On mother’s day, we had skipped church and gone out for breakfast at IHOP and I wanted to do that again.  I had seen this thing that Mel ordered and been thinking about it ever since.  So I got myself the gigundo omelette  with the something-nut pancakes and it was as good as I had hoped it would be.  Everything on the plate is off our diet now so when I do indulge, I guess it’s that much sweeter.

Then we went home to let Evan get ready for work.  He works every weekend at the pools now so we don’t see him much except during the week.  After he hit the road, so did we; we drove up to Bartlesville to see the Price Tower Arts Center.  It’s the most famous building around here by far since it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and since it was an old rich guy who had it built back in the ’50s, no expense was spared and so it’s quite the nice building.  There’s a small art gallery in the lower level but the building itself is actually the attraction.  Unfortunately, the tour was full when we got there so we didn’t get to see the upper floors.  I imagine every architecture student for 400 miles around here goes to see the building so there’s a steady stream of people wanting tours.

You aren’t supposed to take photos in the building.  I can imagine why too:  people who are all goofy over architecture are probably the same sorts of people who like to block the passageways while they focus their big cameras.  Plus there’s the annoying flashing.  I visited the gift shop expecting to see all sorts of photos and books available on the building but while they had lots of cool stuff, there was really only one book about the Price Tower itself so my theory that they were simply trying to sell their own photos was not true.  Still, I bootlegged several of my own photos.  I’ve been busted for taking photos inside of places like that before. In my defense, I turn the flash off and I’ve gotten very good at taking discrete photos without bothering anyone.

It was quite interesting to me; I’ll go back for a tour some day.

I capped the day off with a trip to the bookstore to spend my gift certificate.  It doesn’t get much better than that.