Last night after dinner, we all actually went to the movies.  The rains had caused the pools to be closed so Evan was home.  Erin is home this week too and they had all been cooped up in the house all day and wanted to get out.  We’d been kind of wanting to see Shrek 3 and so we all just went.

At 17, Evan would probably rather do anything in the world but go to a movie with his family but it was Wednesday night and the theaters were almost deserted so there was little chance of his being embarrassed.   He had parked behind the family minivan and so rather than shuffling the cars around, we all just piled into his little green Escort which probably conjured up visions of a clown car in the minds of passersby once we got to the theater.  As we rode along, Mel cleaned up the back seat and put together a bagful of empty water bottles.

We were the only ones in the theater.  Finally two other families with little kids showed up.

I was momentarily panicked when the guy told me how much it was costing me; it’s been so long since we all went to a movie at the “good” theater, I had forgotten how much it costs.  But it was fun.  But now I’m trying to remember the first song that played right during the opening credits and I can’t and it’s driving me crazy.