Last night was the night after the announcement had been made as to who made it into The Pride of Broken Arrow marching band and who didn’t.  Those who did, their parents, the veterans, and their families were all invited to the school for grilled hamburgers and a freakishly long parent meeting where they told us what we were in for.

The Pride is using that national championship to generate some momentum and their organization is like a machine.  I’ve never seen anything so well organized; they’re like a successful business.  At this point when they put every kid in the band program on the field (not every kid in the band is necessarily in the Pride marching band), they have around 450 which makes it the largest band in the state (and probably the largest band in several states).  It’s such a machine that this year, they’re hosting their own marching contest here.  You know you’ve arrived when you stop going to contests and start hosting your own.  When you add up all the band-related events at the stadium, The Pride brings more people into the stadium as spectators than the football program does which, in Oklahoma, is quite a feat.
So Evan got in line as soon as the burgers were ready, snarfed his down, and promptly went home taking Erin with him.  This is a good thing since she was not looking forward to the parent meeting at all.  Mel and I ended up at the tail end of a long line and so got to talk over some of those things that we never seem to have time for.

In retrospect, the parent meeting went exactly according to schedule but since I had heard it before, I lost interest fairly quickly but I was polite and tried to keep an interested look on my face.   I can’t bring my PDA to this sort of thing any more because I always end up playing with it rather than paying attention.  I claim that I’m taking notes but it’s pretty obvious from the image on the display of the deck of cards that I’m playing solitaire.