So, Evan turned 17 yesterday.  We did the usual teenager thing:  went to dinner and let him pick the restaurant (Red Robin), had cake, and gave him cash.  He didn’t want a party but seriously considered it due to the potential for pickup up extra cash but eventually voted against it.  During the night somebody filled his car with balloons and at school somebody painted greetings on his windows.  If “Baby on Board” is a greeting.  This no doubt has some secret meaning rather than being totally random and one day I’ll find out what it means.  Probably about four years from now.

But that was pretty much it.  The things he wants now are in the several hundreds of dollars and so he has to save up the gift money from a variety of occasions to get to his target.  A nice acoustic/electric guitar starts at around $350 on sale and so he’s working towards that and trying not to get into his savings.  I have to give him points for that.  Perhaps he’ll do a better job of financial planning than I did in college; which is to say: none.

Birthdays are certainly easier now that he’s older.  Those parties could wear you out with all the prep work.  Or, if you chose to have them outside your home, could wear out your bank  account.  I’d say we got off cheap in going to Red Robin.

It makes me sit back and think though like all parents do.  I of course was there when he was born and remember it well although not as vividly as before.  I try not to get too maudlin though; nobody wants to hear about it if I do get that way.  Ours is not a very sentimental society at the moment.

The next event that I am aware of is mother’s day and then our 25th anniversary.  I’ve already kind of screwed up the anniversary thing since I can’t seem to find tickets to “Wicked” at a decent price.  I may have to turn to an Ebay scalper yet but I’m holding out for awhile.