Lots going on this past weekend.  Evan was trying to get some things ready for his application for “section leader” and Erin was with a friend for the entire weekend.

Apparently section leader of the mellophone section of the band is a competitive thing requiring an application, an open forum for which he produced a video and an interview.  What a lot of trouble!  It’s hard to believe that anybody goes to the trouble but apparently many do.  He finished his video but it took most of the weekend.  Plus one of his buddies was doing the same thing and we have the gear to do it so he was over at our house.

Erin spent Friday night with a friend and then brought her back home with her and we had her over Saturday night and took her to church with us Sunday.  Good thing the kid wasn’t obnoxious.

I’ve lost track of all the other little things that got done although laundry comes to mind.  That one burns itself onto my memory through the use of that loud obnoxious buzzer that signals when drying is complete.

Note to self:  disconnect that thing.