Yesterday was eighth grade day at the middle school; a day where the oldest kids get to take the afternoon off and play outside.  Except that it was raining cats and dogs all day long so they were allowed to play in the gym.  Mel and I helped out.

It was pretty fun when Evan was there.  This year, Mel and I did the same thing for Erin’s class:  I had a backdrop and the kids stood in front of it for me to take their picture.  Then I took the photos to WalMart and printed them.  This year Mel got her hands on a huge plywood cruise ship from one of the other schools that we stood up for the kids to stand behind.  Then we made a huge backdrop using three 4X8 sheets of cardboard (thanks to Box Brokers) and a plastic scene purchased at a party store.  It was quite a construction project; more of a transportation problem though.  Pickup trucks are great except when it’s raining.  I have a bedcover but when things are too long, you may as well have no cover at all.

We had three inflatables in the gym along with some basketball and volleyball and this was understandably popular but I got some traffic in photo-taking out in the hallway.  They knew I was there because they were all served Subway sandwiches at the concession stand which was where I was.

I like taking photos because it gives me an excuse to play with photoshop.  I lightened them all up and even took the liberty of removing a few zits.  This will probably go unnoticed and unappreciated but what the heck?  A couple of the kids had nicer digicams than I did which set off a flare of electronics envy.  I dealt with that by buying a new set of phones for the house while was waiting for my photos to print at WalMart.  I’d been thinking about that for a long time but the spirit was willing at this particular point.

This brings to mind another anecdote of the modern world that I can’t figure out.  One of Erin’s friends got a digital camera for Christmas.  As always, the parents didn’t know that a memory card was required.  Well, I had an old 16MB SD card laying around and popped it in.  There was a brief moment of panic from the young owner when she saw me crack open a new trapdoor to install the card but there was much rejoicing afterwards when she realized that she could take more than about five photos.  When I checked on this several months later Erin informs me that nobody had ever bothered to download them to a PC.  All photos are still on the camera and when she wants to take more, she has to delete old ones.  Apparently transferring them to a PC is beyond anyone in the family and the cable was lost on Christmas day.  There’s probably a money-making opportunity for me here somewhere but, characteristically, I can’t imagine what it would be.

Oh well.  Eighth grade day was fun.