For an event that is a single point in time (you’re awarded Eagle rank at a particular time and you’re either an Eagle or you’re not), we have managed to drag it out over several weeks but yesterday, we finally had the big awarding ceremony.  And Oh, was it a big deal!

Lots of people came who are not in boy scouts at all.  We had several men in the audience who are Eagles (0nce an Eagle, always an Eagle.)  It was cool.  Mel’s mom and brother came over from Arkansas and the local inlaws came of course.  We had the big hoop-de-doo and than retired to our house for barbecue.

Mel had created three large (4 by 8 feet) cardboard displays  with scrapbook pages of photos throughout the years and I made a music video (idea:  post it to youtube); all of which were well received.  And between me and several others, I got 152 digital photos to sort through.  And of course, we had lots of cake left over.  We ran a bit short of punch but you can’t have everything.

Then, just to make things real, Evan and I (and Erin and several others) took our famous PVC rifle outside for some marksmanship.  We decided to forego the old bicycle pump and hook it directly to my air compressor and proceeded to blast foam darts through cardboard for the next several minutes.  Then we realized that grapes are about the same size as half inch PVC.  Grapes make a very satisfying splat.  Plus, they’re cheap and biodegradable.  We also tried baby carrots and plain water.  Not so good as the grapes.  Grapes are like paintballs.

So, a good time was had by all.