We attended the spring band concert the other night (Tuesday).  Three traditional bands (sort of their “good, better, best” bands) played as well as the jazz ensemble which is always a favorite.  The music was very good; even from the merely “good” band; officially called the “concert” band.  With three categories like that, someone is bound to refer to the first one as the “crap” band but they were all good.  Some were just better.  Evan is in the “wind ensemble”, i.e., the “best” one.  Just thought I’d throw that in.

The contrast between the traditional bands and the jazz band is striking.  The traditional band of course tunes up all together under the direction of a conductor; much like when performing.  The jazz band just all tunes individually which makes for a brief cacophony and then they’re ready.  The traditional band works under a conductor; the jazz band is started off by the conductor who then walks away for much of the performance, occasionally strolling back in and punctuating a particularly tricky section.  No baton for him, just arms.

It was great though.  I wish there were more of these musical performances.

Then last night was Erin’s middle school “spring spectacular” where all the arts departments put on their shows.  We walked to the gym (pressed into service as an auditorium) past the drama theater and many art galleries of various media.  Erin and three other girls sang the national anthem to kick the thing off and then we went home for a couple of hours to have dinner and relax.  It was only five minutes away so it seemed logical.  We then returned for the choir performance.  This year, the choir director decided to play to his audience rather than the usual “sing what we rehearsed for competition” thing.  So he had them singing songs from the ’50s.  The last number called for the choir to add in some choreography for crowd-pleasing purposes.  Erin approached this with much trepidation; calling it “retarded” on many occasions around the dinner table.  Fortunately, it was nothing of the kind and was indeed a crowd-pleaser.  She still thinks that it looked vaguely retarded but agreed that the crowd seemed to love it which is a real departure.  Up until this year, the choir has been pretty much of a yawner but they have a new teacher this year who is more detail oriented than the last teacher and there have been lots of changes.  Changes for the better of course.

And all along have been the final preparations for the Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday.  After that, coming on the heels of this busy week, I think we all need a week off.