The final performance of “Anne Frank and Me” went off without a hitch last night followed by a trip by the cast to Braum’s for ice cream.  This last bit was ‘improv’; no planning done in advance.  They have a no-camcorder rule; at least on paper it is to avoid distractions to the cast but it could also have something to do with the fact that there is a professional crew there videotaping it for later sale.  Perhaps the school gets nothing from this; at any rate, it’s way easier on me the parent not to have to do it myself.  We get a DVD in the mail and that’s it.

Mel was at the scout meeting working with the boys who will be doing part of Evan’s Eagle thing on Sunday.  Apparently that performance went pretty well too (if your standards aren’t too high).

Now, on to the next thing:  a band performance tonight.  Let’s see… Wednesday I think we stay at home, Thursday night:  a choir performance, Friday night: drop Erin off for an all-night thing at the church, Saturday:  not sure, and Sunday:  the Eagle court of honor.  Whew!