I’ve been remiss in my updates.  Who knows what I’ve overlooked at this point?

Erin’s drama class is in the production run of “Anne Frank and Me”, this springs drama performance.  It is indeed dramatic as opposed to funny.  In the next to last scene, they’re all in a “shower” and nobody comes out.  That’s all I’m sayin’.

This is supposed to be an ensemble and so unlike last fall’s comedy, Erin is not one of the leads this spring.  This is not without some disappointment but that’s the way these things go. Nevertheless, she and all the cast are still pretty happy about it in general.

I love these performances – we attended the opening last Thursday night and as usual, saw tons of people we knew.  Friday night was the cast party even though their closing performance is not until Monday night.  Friday night was the only weekend opportunity.  Except for one of the girls stealing the boyfriend of one of the other girls, apparently a good time was had by all.