Much is percolating around our house but nothing is quite done yet. We are actively in the process of planning Evan’s Eagle court of honor which is about as involved as a wedding reception. A Baptist wedding reception that is since we’ll not be having a band or any alcohol. Other than that, it’s the same right down to the issue of trying to book the auditorium in the student center of the church. We haven’t heard on this issue yet but I’m hopeful; we’ve already told everybody: April 29, so if the church won’t let us have that facility then, we’re in for some serious replanning.

I’m getting spring fever. I have an office with a window and they are doing some pretty interesting road work down on 81st street. For years there has been a very steep hill near the intersection with Delaware which is so steep at the peak that nobody who is stopped at the light can see anyone else. Apparently it was finally decided to scrape off about 20 feet of that peakiness and flatten the whole thing so there has been much moving of dirt. Heavy equipment is always fascinating to a guy with spring fever and who is not even a little bit interested in his job at the moment. This will pass though and in the meantime, I’m able to keep enough focus to get on with the job.

The pollen count is about four times its usual average so I guess my observation of all the extra tree mess in my gutters was not amiss. I keep noticing that every time we let the dog in, about four insects fly in with her so there’s a bumper crop of all life forms out there and that implies a lot of pollen to make me sneeze. Most people are feeling like they have a cold due to the extra burden in the air.

It’s so nice this time of year that I’d like to just go out and do something (not yard work). Lord knows that it will soon be too hot to be outside for long so it would be nice to take advantage of this weather that always comes in spring but we never seem to. This is also a busy time of year in the schools so we just kind of miss it. Except for when I go out and mow the grass (now up to about 12 inches in tufts and it’s only Wednesday).

And finally, the weight loss seems to have hit high center.  The scale has stayed resolutely at 196 for some weeks not and I can only assume that I’m eating too much even though it often seems like too little.  I guess a decrease in my daily point count is in order.  Nothing is ever easy.