We’ve been behind on our rain around here for the last couple of years.  Every spring, I am hopeful that we’ll get back to normal since normal is apparently good when it comes to climatic issues.  Thursday and Friday, it rained enough to make up some of the deficit.  That made my gutter situation manifest itself.

I’ve always had gutter issues – while they work most of the time, they seem to be prone to clogging.  This year we have an apparent bumper crop of elm seeds and my gutters were level with them.  The rains kind of flattened them out and clogged the downspouts.  I don’t feel to lax about this, there were enough of them that they clogged the storm drain and the city crew had to come root it out with their high pressure water jet thing.

For my part, I spent much of Saturday on a ladder scooping the gutters out.  There were a variety of things growing in the primordial ooze up there – all of them unidentifiable.  If I had a microscope, perhaps it would have been cool to see what was growing in there but I don’t and I didn’t.  I just scooped it all out and jetted the whole thing out with a water hose.

I also hung a new hose reel in the back yard.  The hose rack from the original home finally gave up the ghost.  This took a lot longer than I though it should; perhaps due to the fact that I had to drill into brick to get it hung properly.  But it gave me a chance to try out my new cordless drill that I had bought after a long period without one.  That’s something I use almost weekly for something so it’s nice to have a good one handy again.  For some reason, I can’t ever seem to find replacement batteries for those cordless power tools – you have to buy all new tools.

All this was enough to cause my back to ache all yesterday.  I couldn’t stop though; with all that rain (coupled with my application of fertilizer) cause the grass to grow at a prodigious rate.  I had to mow.

If I ever win the lottery, I intend to pay someone else to mow my lawn.  And to do the laundry.