This is one of those things that is almost totally without interest:  sorting out the family finances.

As a scientist, this is a subject that has never held any interest for me.  But in a practical sense, it is unavoidable.  Mel has long taken care of this chore but has expressed a certain fatigue with it.  Finally, I started doing some reading up on terminology and bought Quicken.  This week, I began in earnest.

Quicken advertises to get you going in minutes but this is a bit of hyperbolic marketing.  Indeed it will install in minutes but to really get yourself organized involves several days.  But I have taken the requisite several days and am well on my way to knowing what I’m worth.  I’m already a bit disappointed in how little I’m worth.  Better go buy that lottery ticket.  As the evil banker said in “It’s a Wonderful Life”:

“You’re worth more dead than alive!”

But it is empowering in a way that I’m unfamiliar with.  I’m hopeful that this will continue and I can stay on top of it.  This all involves numbers and with the tools to visualize those numbers and use my math skillz, perhaps I can make this into something interesting for me.  It isn’t rocket science but it will have to do.