Erin was scheduled to return on late Saturday afternoon so I used the earlier part of the day to get some stuff done.  This is that time of year that is so glorious since it’s getting warmer but the breeze is blowing all the time and all the green stuff is bursting out.  Anyone who has daffodils or tulips is getting an eyeful at this point.

For my part, I had that tree remnant that was left from  my last tree-cutting frenzy.  The tree had sprouted up in the six inches between my fence and the neighbors toolshed and against all odds, had flourished and I had cut it down but had not cut off that part that was behind and below the level of the fence.  So I took down part of my fence so that I could get to the trunk and started cutting with my chainsaw.  After chunking it into about five easy to handle pieces, it was at the ground.  I drilled a number of large deep holes into the stump, filled them with salt, and doused the whole thing in some brush killer that I had left over from the original project.  After that dried I went one step further and used up one of several leftover bags of concrete (left over from Evan’s Eagle project) and covered the stump and surrounding area with a layer of concrete.  I’d like to see that thing sprout up now!  Then I put the fence pickets back into place.  It felt good to finally draw that project to a close.

Since I was outside and sweaty anyway, I decided to clean up the rest of the place.  I put the bag on the lawnmower and began to go over the yard and pick up all the remaining dead leaves and other rubbish that winter leaves behind.  The mower kept trying to fail in one way or another but I managed to keep one step ahead of entropy and get the job done.  At this time of year, the grass I planted is growing at about one half inch per day so in one weeks time, it’s up around 8 inches deep.  Thankfully, it doesn’t grow that fast all year long but it really places a burden on the mower.

I also put a bunch of seasonal stuff up in the attic and then it was time to go pick up Erin.  She was not tired ( probably due to having napped on the bus ride home) and was very chatty as we went to a restaurant to hear all about the trip.  Her iPod had failed again (I get to call and try to return it to the internet vendor that sold it to us I guess) but the nature of the trip was such that she didn’t really care all that much.  Evan was working and so missed all this excitement.  She talked of building walls and room additions for poor people in Kentucky until we thought there couldn’t be much left to say but then she found something more to say.  I’m glad she enjoyed her time there.  Cell phones and iPods were banned during the trip except for the bus rides so that they were forced to interact with each other on a level playing field.

Next year, they are scheduled to go to a Mexican border town.  She wants me to go along.  Perhaps I shall.