Erin is still out of town on a mission trip and yesterday, Evan and his buddies headed to Oklahoma City leaving Mel and I home alone which is a rare event.  I can’t say it’s as much of a treat as it should be since we spend a lot of the time wondering if the kids are doing OK but it’s a treat nevertheless.

Evan informed us that he can get extra credit if he went to the Napoleonic Art exhibit at the art museum in OKC so off they went but I’m thinking it was as much for the road trip aspect as the artistic edification aspect.  We the parents were worried about his driving in downtown traffic, the influence of his friends on his driving and behavior, and all the usual parent things.  He helpfully called Mel several times to check in with the good news that nothing whatsoever had happened to him.  Then last night, they all went to a concert at an unfamiliar venue here in Tulsa and were gone until midnight or so.

We took advantage of this free time to go out with her sister and her husband and enjoy ourselves as adults.  It’s always fun to talk with adults.