I took the day off yesterday to take Evan up to visit the University of Tulsa – a school that he is firmly uninterested in but which is just up the road and deserves a trip since it’s so easy to do.  Surprisingly, there were a number of kids up there for tours that had flown in from out of state.  Flown!

I had never heard of the school until I went to the University of Arkansas and the Razorbacks pounded the TU Hurricane every fall.  Even then I never knew what it was:  was it a private school, was it a community college?  I never knew nor cared.  Now that I live here I know it to be an expensive private school on the small side.  But after visiting there, I find that it has a lot to interest me.  Unfortunately, I’m not the one that needs to be interested; I’m not the one who is off to college soon.  And, as noted earlier, Evan is not interested.  I think he just wants to live further from home than that.  Plus he wants to go to a bigger school for reasons of his own.

We visited a chemistry class and I thought the professor did a good job.  The class was pretty small too which I know from long experience to be a good thing.  But, as I say, he was unimpressed.

No matter.  I’ve pretty much pushed him in a certain direction (major in one of the sciences, plan on pursuing some  medical profession for job security) and I don’t want to also decree where he goes to pursue that.  He could very well get to school and totally change his direction once he knows what he’s interested in and that’s OK too.  But I have to pay for a lot of it and TU, although really expensive, is known to come up with some impressive financial aid to its students.

Why does it all have to be so complicated?

It was a nice day off though.  Plus they fed us lunch.