Well, it’s finally done.  Evan passed his board of review Thursday night which is the last thing; he is now an Eagle Scout.

This last phase has certainly taken a long time but now it’s done.

His appointment was for 8:15 on Thursday night (right in the middle of Erin’s party) so I took him up there leaving Mel to the houseful of squeeling 14 year olds.  I think I got the best end of that deal.  Evan was a little on edge but we had gone over all the potential questions and rehearsed answers many times so he was a ready as he could have been.  For my part, I was at least as nervous – possibly  more.  I have been in situations like this many times; the most extreme (and similar) was when I was defending my dissertation and so I knew exactly what he was going through.  I sat there in the waiting area exactly like I did when Melissa was in surgery and feeling much the same way.

They took him in there and it seemed like they were in there forever.  It was in fact about an hour.  The place was full when we got there since there were other Eagle boards and also a few boys in there getting approval for their projects but as time went on, they all went home until it was just me.  Evan’s first scoutmaster (who is now the Eagle adviser)  showed up for moral support which I appreciated.

Finally, he came out.  The board talked about him in private for a few minutes and then invited us all back in to hear the verdict:  PASS!  They told me that he did well; particularly in that he interacted with the adults very well.  Apparently he spoke clearly, threw in a bit of humor when appropriate, explained things well and gave mature answers.  In short, everything a parent might have hoped for.  And yet, I was a bit surprised.  One never knows how one’s parenting has taken root until it comes to a test like this.  I was very happy with it all and Mel was too after we got home.

All he asked was that we stop at Sonic and get a shake.  And he played his screamo-metal music at high volume to celebrate.

Now we just have to wait for the certificate to come in as well as have a ceremony – a court of honor as it is called.  But that’s just a formality; it’s over now.