The time has come:  pick a university for Evan to attend.  To this end, I took the day off Friday and we all drove to Norman, OK to visit the campus of the University of Oklahoma.  It’s been in and out of my consciousness for many years since my brother was dean of the law school for a time, the Razorbacks beat them in the Orange Bowl back the the Lou Holtz years, and other things.  I never dreamed that I might have son who would go there but in retrospect it isn’t so unexpected.

I don’t know if it was the weather or some other intangible thing but he came away very impressed with the campus.  I hadn’t been there in so long that I couldn’t remember anything at all about it and so was impressed by the castle-like architecture of many of the buildings.  Perhaps he was impressed by the announcement that the entire campus was covered in WiFi internet.  Who knows?

After having spent so many years in school myself one might expect me to have a strong opinion about which campus one should attend but the opposite is true; I believe that it doesn’t really matter what university one attends.  Pick the cheapest or the one that is easiest for you to get to.  So OU is fine with me.  Certainly it is cheaper than many.  More expensive than some too; the local Tulsa Community College has just announced free tuition for any high school student with sufficient grade point for the first two years of education.  Now that’s a deal that anyone should take note of.

We toured for several hours as part of an organized tour put on by the visitors center and led (apparently) by work-study students.  Then we drove up to Bricktown and wandered around a bit and had dinner.  We also rode the water taxis for the first time.  The last time I was there, the canals were a mere ditch and an eyesore to be ashamed of.  Now the place is hopping with restaurants, shops, and a minor league ballpark.  Not to mention the huge convention center (which is mostly a concert venue).

We left Erin home for this one since she had a birthday party to get to in the afternoon and we didn’t want to have to hurry ourselves.  This is  yet another reason that having teenagers is handy; they can care for themselves for short periods of time.