So, the hectic week began it’s final hurrah with Erin’s birthday party.  Due to the looming church mission trip and Evan’s OU visit, it had to fall on Thursday – right on top of Evan’s Eagle board of review.  C’est lavie I guess.  But it was quite a party.

She had just received  an iPod for her birthday and I guess she was wanting some iTunes gift cards so she invited about 20 kids.  I’m assuming she was hoping for cash but I could be wrong.  In any event, everybody came and it was a blast – for the attendees that is.  As parents, it was just tiring.  My job was to grill the burgers.  I hate it that you can never tell how much propane is left in the gas grill.  That’s really a huge oversight in the gas grill industry.  Yes, it ran out during the cooking but I got lucky – the second batch has just finished up.  All I had to worry about was the nice fresh grease that had gunked up the whole interior that wasn’t going to get burned off but I don’t worry much about such things.

She had a good time as did everyone else.  I set up a webcam on the top of the bookshelf and let it run in time-lapse mode; taking one photo every five seconds.  In the end, it produced a movie of about three minutes showing the wide view of the parties various activities.  The webcam was discovered at one point since there are several frames with faces right up in the camera showing crossed eyes and wagging tongues.

She didn’t actually rake in any iTunes gift cards which is ironic.  There were several gift cards – just from other places.  She did receive a good bit of cash however so she’s set as far as iTunes is concerned.

A good time was had by all.