This is generally a slow time of year for us. Nothing much happens and I usually try to do some woodworking projects in the garage while it’s not hot but this year, it’s been really cold and the garage is uncomfortable at the other end of the scale.

It snowed yesterday and last night which makes this one of the snowiest winters we’ve had in quite awhile. I usually snows at least once and probably twice in Tulsa on any given year but this winter it’s snowed at least four times – two of those with huge accumulations that caused school to close. One of those closings was for the entire week due to a lot of ice and they’ll be running school late this year to make up for it.

Today’s snow was one of the good kind. The best of course is that wet snow that builds up quickly and packs into snowballs well. Even better is the situation where the ground is not quite freezing so that the snow builds up on the grass but not the streets. After that is the kind we had today which was more of a flurry with little accumulation. What is present is a fraction of an inch thick and is dry and powdery so that tires can get decent traction. Plus, it blows off the street like dust. So it’s basically just pretty.

Valentine’s day came and went with some fanfare. Erin has had a boy chasing her. They were “dating” for a few days but Erin decided to cut that off. She doesn’t feel that strongly about him and they have to work together in drama so she wants to keep it just friends which is simpler. He’s not the sort to give up though so that drama is not over perhaps. Once again, Mel tried to mark the day with the proper mood at dinner by going with candlelight and once again, the kids ruined the mood by playing with the candles the entire time. They’re both teenagers and so their behavior is pretty much set. We should probably mark “classy” off the hoped-for traits list. After attempting to light the second hershey kiss paper, Evan’s candle was confiscated.

And so it goes.  Tonight, he is off to Cain’s Ballroom to see AFI and we expect him to come home with his ears ringing and a shirt stinking of cigarette smoke.