Mel and I have come to realize that the only health risk that we truly have control over is our own behavior; therefore, we’ve just decided that we need to take charge together over our collective lack of exercise and lack of concern about what we eat.  Mel is concerned about cancer recurrence and I’m concerned about high blood pressure which I’m really close to the trigger level on.  Mel has enrolled in weightwatchers and I’m participating too although not as an official member; rather, as an enthusiastic participant.  Hopefully, we’ll both lose weight.

We’ve both begun to get on the treadmill daily and try to use one of the preprogrammed workouts.  The lowest one on the list; that is, the one that is the least workout of all still kicks both our butts pretty handily and I’ve not yet been able to finish it without reducing the speed during the faster parts so I’d say we have our work cut out for us.  I used to walk the dog daily but when the time changed and it got dark before I could get out, I fell out of the habit.   Now, it’s the treadmill for me daily and I’m working up to staying the course for the minimal workout.  If only I could arrange for it not to be so boring – I’ve been listening to an audiobook on my iPod lately but I think I need to arrange for the TV to be on and viewable.

I’m a very long way from the so-called ideal weight.  It seems almost undoable at this point.