It’s amazing how, when bad things happen, they really seem to happen in clusters.  I’ve rarely had single event problems; mostly I have several things happen at once.

Like today.

It’s been snowy lately around here which is typically not a problem for me since I always park in my garage.  So it was last night.  When Erin and I went to get into the pickup so I could take her to school, as she shut the door, the window shattered.  As automotive windows do, it shattered with a big bang and subsequent shower of little glass bits.  For some reason, most of them shot outward so that she wasn’t hurt; only scared.  I’ve never seen a window just shatter that way for no apparent reason.  All she did was shut the door.

So, I drove her on to school (with the 24 degree wind whipping into the truck) and returned home to get busy with the duct tape and trash bag.  I wouldn’t have made much of a panicked fuss but the forecast called for a 90% chance of snow today and I didn’t want the interior ruined with snow before I could get it fixed.  Plus, I vacuumed up all the glass shards but not before discovering that my shopvac was on the fritz and had to be fixed before it could be used.  (As usual, it’s just one thing after another)  My duct tape kludge lasted for about three minutes before the wind ripped it off and it went sailing away so far that there was no hope of retrieving it.  I went on to work where I could park it in the lot and get another trash bag.  I’ve seen plenty of rednecks with a trash bag for a window and I’m not sure why mine didn’t stay in place; perhaps there’s some tribal duct tape knowledge that I’m missing.  It’s amazing that the heater kept up with the situation pretty well and I wasn’t particularly cold after the thing started working.

After a hurried trip upstairs, I returned to the parking lot and sure enough, it was snowing again.  I hurredly taped up the window so that most of the snow was kept out and returned to call around about getting it fixed today.  I suppose it’s only one window but without the truck I can’t go to work so I figured I needed to get to the office in order to bum a ride from somebody back from the window repair place.  Plus, I’m trying to make some time up – not spend more time off so there’s another complication.

It seems that the city is swamped with window breakages due to the ice and snow but I eventually found one that could get me in today.

I hope nothing more happens today.