Today was supposedly another day off but I got roped into a conference call and a few other things. But I did get out around sunrise (one of the consequences of waking up so darned early) and sign myself up for a short cruise on a small submarine. Regarding the early thing, my body seems to want to stay on a Tulsa schedule and so I wake up at these ungodly hours and get sleepy around 9:00pm. I can’t see any reason not to just go with it so I’ve been keeping to that. At least I can get where I need to be really early. Anyway, on to the submarine.

I had seen pictures of this thing and was convinced that it was simply a boat with windows below the waterline where you could look out but I was wrong – it was indeed a submersible with big picture windows. We took a large boat from the shore out to where the sub was waiting for us over the reefs. There were two actually – one for Japanese speakers and one for English speakers.

It’s pretty cool but I must say, there’s not as much to see as I had figured. I have learned since being here that another bay east of here is really the place to see fish (Hanauma Bay) but apparently the sub can’t go there. Plus, a few years ago there was a big typhoon that really ruined a lot of the interesting things in Waikiki bay so they sank some artificial reefs down there to provide someplace for the fish to hang out (and something for us to see). And so it was a bit more interesting as a result – at least it was interesting to me to see a sunken airplane and a sunken fishing ship. With fish. And sharks. Turtles too. Oh, and a couple of Moray eels.

It only lasted about an hour underwater but sure enough, when we surfaced, my stupid cell phone went off with a missed call sound. I had a voice mail from TheMan. So with the PA system blaring stuff in Japanese, I tried to see what was up. It turns out he just wanted to see if I wanted to go to lunch. While there, the conference call thing came up so I ended up wrapping my lunch up in the paper that was lining the basket and heading back to the hotel. Hobbling actually since my feet are still recovering. With this sort of thing going on, I was afraid to take the car and go anywhere else without one of them with me so I just walked around town this afternoon. If you’re into shopping, Waikiki is the place to be. There’s everything from really expensive stores to stores full of cheap crap. Take your pick.