I definitely overdid it yesterday; my feet had numerous blisters today and when I woke up this morning, I could barely walk.  So I decided to take it easy.  We had today off but it turned out rainy all over the island.  I got the car at sunup and headed to the Pali lookout and when I got there, it turned out to be totally socked in with clouds and raining.  I was working on a plan B when one of my coworkers called to talk about our project and that blew an hour.  Of course, it was raining so what else did I have to do?

After that, I drove on down to the other side of the island and turned left to visit the north shore.  It’s pretty rural over there; I saw several old cars on blocks.  I made it around to Waimea which is where the famous “Bonzai Pipeline” is.  It was pretty cloudy and raining and nobody was out trying to surf.  I’m not sure why but it may have had something to do with the big red flags and the signs that said “No Swimming!”.  There were other signs warning of rip currents and other bad things.  There were many other tourists wandering around; most of us going down to the water like anybody does at a beach.  The beach there is pretty narrow and slopes down quite a bit.  After getting down there we heard a loud announcement from large bullhorns on the lifeguard stand to get back from the water and behind the signs – some large swells were coming in.  I don’t know how they knew that but sure enough, right after that some gigantic waves crashed in and would have soaked us all.  They happen so fast, the camera wouldn’t focus and fire in time but I got some pics anyway.  Lots of strangers in the foreground too but around here if you want a photo without a tourist in it, you’ve got a long wait.  I went across the street to have lunch at a Starbucks where I almost bought a special North Shore coffee mug.  There’s not much on that part of the island but that so I drove on around back to Honolulu.

I’d been told by the conceirge that I’d better head for Pearl Harbor at 6:00 am if I wanted to get to see the Arizona memorial in a timely manner so I passed that by and went back to the hotel.  As I said earlier, my feet were in bad shape plus I have some sunburn on my face and neck so I decided to take it easy.  No sooner than I had laid down, another coworker called with a work question which caused me to blow another couple of hours thinking and writing.  Then an idea from earlier manifested itself in a need to buy a thermometer and some bubble wrap so I spent the next few hours finding a Radio Shack and a WalMart and buying the required items.  So I guess it was a work day after all which is OK; after all, they are paying me to be here and work not to party.  Still, I know of another group of about six that spent the day on a fishing boat.

Perhaps tomorrow I can go someplace and not get rained on.