After that Diamondhead hike yesterday, my feet were killing me. I had to work but not until later so I went for a walk over to the beach via the Hilton Hawaiian Village which is a city unto itself.  I walked in the water for awhile (which was way colder than I expected) when the phone rang.  It was my program director asking me if I wanted to go to a guitar store he had heard about.  Well, that sounded interesting so off I went to meet him.  He knew where it was and warned me that it was about 10 blocks.  Hey, I felt up to it; maybe, sort-of.  I figured it would be short downtown blocks but after about three of those they became long mall-type blocks and it turned out (according to google maps) 2.2 miles.  Each way.

So another long hike for me.  Now, at the end of the day my feet are really hurting.  It was indeed a nice guitar store but all their stuff was way to upscale for me.  There were signs everywhere warning you not to touch.  I don’t really like that sort of store but some of these were over $5000 so I guess they had a good reason.  One special edition Martin was $50,000.  Needless to say, I didn’t play any of them.

After that we got a quick bite and headed off to work at Kaneohe Bay.  Not much to report there.  After finishing up there, I walked (walking again!  sheesh!) over to the Hard Rock to pick up some more gifts.  I think I need to shop for a better pair of shoes.