Naturally, since my body still thinks it’s in Tulsa, I woke up at around 4:00am and simply got up.  I messed around on the computer for awhile and walked around the block to “Eggs and Things” which I had scoped out the night before.  It was, not surprisingly, full of other middle-aged people who had unwillingly woken up at 4:00 am just like me.

I had to go to work today.  The plane is at the marine base at Kaneohe Bay, a place called simply “Kaneohe MCBH”.  After doing my thing, the guy I was riding with and I headed back to the hotels.  We’re not all staying at the same one but they’re fairly close.  I had to hang around to see if I was needed later when the plane was due to take off on a test flight so I didn’t go far.

The rest of the day I was at a bit of a loss because of that restriction so I walked around the local area.  I made it as far as the Hard Rock Cafe in one direction (no shirts like Evan likes) and the yacht harbor in the other direction.  If I had been really energetic I could have walked over to the shopping district where all the fancy shops are but that didn’t interest me too much.  I found a little grocery store and stocked up on stuff like oatmeal for breakfast, etc.  Anything to keep from having to spend all my per-diem money on food.

The view out my window isn’t the best but I guess that’s what they give to people who are travelling on government business.  All I can see is palm trees in the distance at the beach and some crummy apartments down below which always seem to have some guy in a wife-beater leaning on the railing smoking.  Maybe they’re not crummy – perhaps all apartments look lousy when you’re looking down on their rooftops.

I’ve just about had it with the Japanese restaurants.  I haven’t found anything but that yet.   Except the eggs and things place; I suppose I could just have breakfast all the time.

Finally, last night I went back to the base with one of my coworkers to pick up another guy who had been on a test flight and we headed back for dinner.  Unfortunately, they had closed one of the tunnels for maintenance and we had to take an alternate route which, for us, ended up taking over an hour due to missed turns and other snafus.  I napped in the back seat for most of it.  We finally ended up at a nice restaurant with some live music and good seafood.  I had a Hawaiian style cobb salad which meant it had bits of seafood thrown into it for good measure.  It had a little bit of everything including calamari which, around here, is not fried like back on the mainland.  So I had a salad with tentacles in it.  Adults are susceptible to peer pressure like anyone else so I ate it.  Not bad.  I didn’t care for the mussels though.