Thursday it went from about 60 degrees to below freezing and yesterday it began one of those lovely winter storms where we get freezing rain and sleet. The schools began to let out early and by the time I left the office, my truck was covered in a thin sheath of ice which made it really hard to open the doors. I had earlier bought a can of defroster (which, according to the ingredients, is the same stuff they spray on airplanes in this sort of weather) which I used to unstick the door and clean off the windshield. If you have 20 minutes to spare, you can always just wait it out and the vehicle will always warm up and all that stuff will melt off anyway. I normally have very little patience but yesterday I was inclined to just wait. However, a coworker needed a ride to the garage to pick up his car so I put him to scraping detail and watched happily from inside while he cleaned off the windshield. That’s a bit of an exaggeration; he volunteered.

The sleet continued and now my world is a hard, cold, frictionless wonderland. That gives us the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch movies. And do laundry – yuck. And vacuum the floor. And clean the bathrooms.

Maybe I should just go back to bed.

I stopped at the local hardware store to buy a bag of that ice-melt stuff you spread on your driveway but was too late; they had been cleaned out days ago.  In substitute, the man sold me a bag of quick-green fertilizer which he claimed would perform a similar function.  Something about urea content – apparently, ice-melting agent is not simply rock salt any more.  It cost a good deal more than ice-melt and I guess I’ll see later on today if it works as a  melting agent.  If not, I’ll have nice green grass near the driveway come spring.