The laptop computer is fun and seems to do everything I ask of it (which is not much – blessed are those who expect nothing for they shall not be dissappointed).  But it has prompted further expenditures.  Modern technology has a way of doing that.  First you buy the digital camera, then you realize it doesn’t have enough memory to take more than four photos so you have to spend more on a memory card.  You buy the HD TV and realize it has no tuner so you have to buy that or upgrade your cable service by another $20 a month.  And, of course, you buy a notebook computer and then have to buy a wireless router so that you don’t have to tether yourself to a desk with a cable.

But now I can sit on the sofa and watch a movie and open the laptop and check some movie trivie via  It doesn’t sound like much of an improvement on life when you write it down in this way but the excitement factor is pretty high for me.  I’m satisfied.  Now I want a house full of only laptops.

I have had one of those moments where I realize I have made my life slightly more complicated as a result and so am trying get back that little simplicity decrease by the use of file sharing.  This all plays into my future plans since I’m off to Hawaii again on business on the 20th.  So hopefully I can manage to take photos, save them to the laptop, and deal with them reasonably simply although it will be a complication (not to mention a dead weight) to carry the laptop on the plane with me.  Plus the added expense of a backpack with a laptop thing in it.

It’s all good though; I’m looking forward to the trip as well as the capability to stave off boredom through the use of the laptop’s DVD player and internet surfing capability.  I’d like to think that a trip to Hawaii would never involve any boredom but my experience is that when I’m working, there is a lot of down time during which I have to be available for flight tests and whatnot but am in fact not doing anything but I still need to not be off surfing or whatever.  So there’s that.   Here’s hoping that all this technology works for me.