Well, in spite of having many days off and being home the entire time, I made no blog updates.  There’s no good reason for it.  I was being lazy.  But I shall now try to update.

I guess it all started with Christmas itself.  I had worked until the Friday before and Saturday and Sunday were taken up with cleaning up the house to prepare for visitors.  Since Mel had been in the hospital, we decided that she didn’t need to go anywhere but when everybody decided to come see us, that left us with the task of getting ready for a holiday festival.  But with her mom, two kids, and me, we got it done.

Christmas day was really nice but I think we broke the fire code.  We had fourteen people show up and during the day, my sister and niece came up from Little Rock which made it sixteen.  That’s enough to require the air conditioner be turned on unless it’s really cold outside.  On the plus side, very little food was left over.

The week between Christmas and New Years Day is a blur now; I made like a slug and did absolutely nothing of usefullness.  We watched a lot of movies, read books that we got as gifts, and generally played with out toys.  The day after Christmas, Evan’s girlfriend came over and spent much of the day with us.  Mel and I think she’s The Best Girl Ever and, as such, Evan is a bit suspicious.  If a teenager’s parents like someone or something, the teenager is generally predisposed to not like it so much so perhaps our liking of this girl is bad in the grander scheme of things but they’re too young to get married so it can’t possibly matter.  At any rate, we took her to dinner with us on our family outing that night and had a good old time.   Plus, my sister picked up the check – can’t get much better than that.

New Years Eve was a big yawn.  Both kids found parties to attend so Mel and I just went to Arby’s to spend a gift card and then went home to watch movies while we waited for the kids to come home.  Erin was to spend the night so we were really just waiting to make sure Evan got home OK.  I guess that’s the way of it when you’re 47 years old.  The kids in our neighborhood must be growing up; at midnight I heard very litte noise.  A few years ago, I was out in the yard with Evan and his friends shooting off our potato cannon.  This year, I heard very little noise in our immediate area and no sirens afterwards.

On the day New Years Day, I made my way to Circuit City to avail myself of a cheap laptop computer.  Normally, I don’t ever go there because of the extreme traffic along that stretch of road but I figured that New Years morning would be OK and it was.  Then came the football marathon which I had a hard time paying attention to since I had a new laptop to play with.

All in all, a very boring holiday to talk about but it was paradise to me.  I enjoyed every slovenly minute of it and when the alarm went off to go back to work it was like getting hit in the face with ice water.  Plus, my pants all stiff fit so apparently, I didn’t eat too much.  I look forward to the next holiday.