It’s winding down towards Christmas and the attendance at work has taken a nosedive.  Only about half of us are still here and I’m strongly leaning towards just using vacation and staying home tomorrow.  It’s tempting since school is out and that’s what the kids are doing.  We still haven’t gone on our Christmas-light-watching drive this year and we need to do that.

It goes against all commone sense to blog about work; therefore, I won’t.  That’s too bad since I have some interesting things to say on that front.  Maybe some day I can write it all down as a story from “back in the day” when it won’t matter.

Today at lunch, I spilled half a grande-sized Starbucks coffee in my lap which tends to punctuate the day in an interesting way.  When that’s the worst thing that happens to you, you know that life is pretty good so I won’t gripe – not until laundry day anyway.

So the family is settling in to await Christmas morning and there are sweet things to eat everywhere.  I hope I don’t gain too much weight.  Last night, somebody dropped off a ham and potato casserole so even our main dishes these days are fattening.  May as well eat birthday cake for dinner.  Not a bad idea when I come to think of it.