Well, what do you know?  My birthday came and went with no blogage of it.  Shocking.

Everybody was up before me and had present piled on the table.  I got a nice pile of books from my amazon wishlist as well as some great funny cards.  One of them made fun of my suit I wore to the prom way back when.  I wish they’d give it a rest.  That night, I had a cake decorated with leftover Easter stuff.  Not timely but very tasty which is all that matters.

It was very rainy today.  It’s amazing how many times it can be rainy but I can get from my car to the office without getting wet.  It’s surprising how seldom it happens to be raining right then.  Today it was and so I wore my hat and big coat which usually prompts at least one smart-aleck to comment.  Something like “Hey, you got a six-gun under that duster?”.  I guess it may have been funny the first time but I’ve heard it enough by now.