Of all the things that I think I might hear when I get home of an evening, the least likely would be:

“Do you want to take Erin to see ‘Seussical The Musical?”

To me that didn’t even make sense – or even sound like English. It had to be explained to me that it was a play at the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse. Well, I had originally intended to watch a recorded episode of MythBusters (We still don’t have Tivo!) but this is the sort of thing that isn’t truly an option. I was asked but in fact was really being told. No matter; it’s the same for all of us whether we choose to admit it or not. I went to see Seussical.

And of course it was fun. Two of Erin’s aquaintances were in it and three of her friends were working the lights so she had some socializing to do after the show while Evan and I just stood around and talked about electric guitars, the Christmas song “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out”, and Weird Al’s body of work. The actors always come out to the lobby so you can tell them how much you enjoyed their volunteer efforts but I couldn’t bring myself to actually exchange words with The Cat in the Hat. That character always came off as one who would get you into trouble if you made eye contact – that’s certainly what happened in the play and so I avoided him (HER actually since the character was played by a woman. A very outgoing vivacious woman at that which made it even less likely that I would make eye contact.)

And boy was it cold last night! When the play let out it was 20 degrees. I suppose that’s nothing to many people further north than this but we aren’t as prepared for it. It was painfully cold to me.

And so it goes. Tonight: Mel’s work party which will bring together a middleschool-full of teachers and spouses. Should be interesting; I’ve never been to a Christmas party that wasn’t a roomful of engineers except for one of Mel’s work parties back in the ‘80’s. That one was a noisy drunken affair and I’m hopeful that this one is more fun than that. Maybe with prizes.