We’re into the season of holiday concerts featuring one or both kids.  Last night was the choir thing at the local middle school where Erin sang and even had a solo.

This year, they did a duet with the middle school orchestra.  I’m always impressed when anybody can learn to play a stringed instrument without frets.  Not only that but learn to play in time with a bunch of other people.  As such, they did pretty well although the term “scraping away industriously” definitely applies.  At such times we do well to remind ourselves how much we paid to get into this event.

The choir has a new teacher this year and I thought they sounded much better than last year.  Everyone seemed a bit better behaved also although the boys section was about as boisterous as ever.   I videotaped the thing as usual, went home and made a quick DVD, and handed it off to Erin who informed us that if I did so, they could watch it at school the next day.  Presumeably, the teacher could watch it and see exactly which boys needed further discipline.  I guess that’s what we call a win-win situation.