This weekend was not quite to crazy.  Evan didn’t have any place to be nor did he have to work so he could just sit and do his mountain of AP homework.  He did have a study group over Sunday afternoon to work on a project but that was minimal.

Erin had some girls over to rehearse their parts of the school play – mostly just because Erin loves drama and so do her friends.

Mel spent the weekend working on a costume of Frederick The Great of Prussia who Evan is supposed to dress as for a project.  Apparently, the man played the flute which I was given the task of reproducing.  Flutes were wooden back in the day so this proved no big deal to a man like me with a wood lathe.

And so it went; I was able to purge all thoughts of my frantic work life from my head.

I did start another project (perhaps unwisely):  take at least one photo per day and weave the result into a slide show at the end of a year.  It’s harder than I thought to remember to take a photo each day – especially on those days when there is nothing in particular going on.  So far, they’ve been foliage, oven replacement, and marching band.  The final result should prove interesting.