This halloween went like most do for parents of teenagers (I guess):  I got home from work about half an hour before the trick-or-treaters hit the roads and my two had no idea what they would be doing that night.  But soon plans began to evolve and Erin soon had a friend over to help pass out candy and Evan had several guys invite themselves over to hang out in random teenage guy fashion.  Soon, they left to go trick or treat at a few girls’ houses.  They didn’t have costumes but they did have hats and Evan had a big fake beard.  We seem to have accumulated a trunkfull of old costumery in our attic and they raided this before leaving on their adventures.

But not before demolishing the pizza we had bought.

In a way, I am sad about the passing of the trick-or-treat phase where I escort the kids around the neighborhood but in another way, I like the way I got to sit at home and simply look at the little kids through the window as my kids handled the candy duty.  Erin had rigged a keyboard and piped it through her karaoke machine to create some unique sounds through her open window.  Nobody seemed scared though.

But it was fun.  Not too many trick-or-treaters this year for some reason.  Last year we were swamped.