Here I sit at home waiting for the electrician to come. Mel found a new range she wanted this weekend; we bought it, and now I am waiting for the electrician to come hook it up. Normally I would do something like that but the wiring is a little weird and a range is the sort of thing you want to be done correctly.

Evan went to St. Louis this weekend for a band competition. This is a five-state thing and was in the whatever-dome in St. Louis. It appears to be a pretty big deal but we didn’t go to watch because we are cheap. They took second place overall though and won “high music” whatever the heck that means. It’s good though; everybody was happy. It made them feel all “world class”. And I guess they are. I’m certainly impressed; I just refuse to become such a fanboy that I embarrass myself.

Evan didn’t actually have that much to say about the trip except that the little gift-bag that Mel fixed up for his girlfriend was kindly recieved. The fact that she actually wore the scarf/gloves that Mel bought says it all.

Erin’s stage-handling experience at the play went well too. Mel and I attended and enjoyed it immensely.  It was Agatha Christie’s “Cards On The Table”.  It was better than I expected from a local production.  We went on opening night which was apparently when the “Mimi Buses”, i.e., vans full of retirees, show up.