A friend and I took his black powder rifles and went to the shooting range Sunday afternoon.  We took a flintlock and a percussion caplock.  The caplock fired very reliably and was great fun.  The flintlock unfortunately, never fired even once.  Our problem was a stubborn lack of sparks from the flint which is pretty much a showstopper.  This had its own appeal in the form of an engineering problem but it loses its luster a little when you realize you now have a loaded gun on your hands that will not fire.  You then begin to wonder how you will ever extract that ball and powder load without the traditional process.  We actually lit the pan charge with a borrowed cigarette twice and it still didn’t fire which is most frustrating.

Back at his house, we jury-rigged a compressed air fitting and attached it to the touchhole but even 120 PSI wouldn’t budge it.  That’s about where we left it; with him deciding to take it to a gunsmith.

Still, it was great fun – I hit the bullseye twice but only from 25 yards.  That’s actually a pistol type range but one must get back into practice somehow.  I wasn’t using a rest of any kind; I was standing, so that performance isn’t too bad.