Erin and I went to our usual Friday evening football game to see Evan march in the band.  This week was homecoming which, like many other things, I find cynically amusing at best and completely worthless at worst.  Still, one can’t stop tradition.  If you try, the traditions just stomp you in the ground.  So we sat and watched as five girls walked out onto the field in their mock royalty election and one got to wear the tiara.  I still haven’t figured out the homecoming queen algorithm.  It’s obviously not the most attractive nor the most intelligent.  Perhaps it’s a popularity contest.

The game was a complete rout and by half time the visitors were behind by 28 points.  After the band marched, I wanted to leave but Erin had found her usual posse of friends and was deeply involved in a process that was clearly none of my business to hear her response to my question of “what are you doing?”  Rain was forecast for after midnight and we could see huge thunderstorms building off to the west; the thunderheads stuck up over the horizon and glowed red in the setting sun.  It was quite impressive and this was followed by an equally impressive lightning show after the sun went down.

After midnight, it did indeed rain – cats and dogs in fact.  The line of trash along the streets and sidewalks the following morning was a testament to how much water had come down while I was asleep.  Except for that period during which our dog was frightened by the thunder and woke me up.  We lost power for about two hours and so all our electronics woke up deprogrammed.

Saturday itself was beautiful weatherwise.   I love this time of year when the oppressive heat of the summer is gone and it’s cool and breezy with beautiful blue skies.  I ran some errands, the most important being to go to the grocery store.  We were just about out of everything.  Mel would normally go but she was still in Colorado.  Plus, Evan wanted to go to the Greek Festival at the Orthodox church downtown.  He had intended to go with a group of friends but the power outage had fouled up his alarm clock and he didn’t wake up in time.  If I had known about this little plan, I would have waked him up but that came together without my knowledge.  So the three of us went by ourselves.  We took the church tour which was a bit strange since it was clearly mainstream Christianity but the doofus Oklahomans were asking questions of the rector as if they thought the denomination was some sort of strange middle-eastern cult.  The audience seemed truly surprised that they actually read through the gospels and observed Christmas and Easter.  Dolts!

Mel got home late Saturday night after only one hour of flight delays.  They had snow in Telluride several nights and so things could have been much worse weatherwise.  She got home about he same time Evan got home from Pride practice and so we all got to be excited together.  It was pretty late by the time we got to bed and so church came too early for us.  We kind of slept through parts of it.  Most parts actually.  I hope we get points for showing up.