Last night, everything got done if not smoothly. We had decided in advance to go to Taco Bell for dinner but when I got home I was informed that Evan had no jeans to wear. So laundry was in order. In addition, we discovered that there were no breakfast items in the cupboard so some shopping was in order. Finally, Erin had several homework issues which is unusual and so there was the accompanying high emotion level.

All in all, it was a bit busy and stressful but we managed to deal with it. I only had to be rude once when I was walking down the hallway with an armful of dirty jeans while Erin followed me asking an extrordinarily detailed question about two trains leaving a town in opposite directions and at different speeds. Plus the dog was scratching to get out. I had to order everyone into there respective corners (or in one case, their respective lawns) to recover some order to the proceedings.

Evan provided some much-appreciated tutelage on the balancing of chemical equations and then that was that. Bedtime.

Mel reports snow from Telluride so I guess the wedding may look like a winter one rather than a fall one but I imagine that the happy couple will not care.