So Mel left with her mother, sister, and brother yesterday to head to Telluride, CO for the wedding of her other brother. And I mean we got up early. Darn those early flights. I drove them of course and the old minivan was filled to the gills with all those people and suitcases.

That leaves us at home to fend for ourselves. Ever since Mel went back to work, we all assumed various chores around the house and so last night, things continued to plod along just fine in her absence but we did discover that we were all out of clean clothes and breakfast cereal. That in itself will determine our activities for tonight. I hate laundry so much that if I ever win the lottery, I intend to just buy new all the time and give my once-worn clothing to the clothes bank ever week on the way to work. (Wait a minute! Work? If I win the lottery, I don’t think so! On my way to the golf course perhaps.) I just found a flaw in that plan though – I hate shopping for clothes too. Oh well, I’ll just have Erin do the laundry and I will go to do the shopping.

Evan will of course weasle out of any chores since he’s taking all those AP classes and has to “do homework”. He never wanted to do homework before but when properly presented with alternatives, he’s pretty good about getting to work on it.

I actually prepared dinner last night although Mel had conveniently bought some stuff and suggested I fix that so there was none of the decision-making or planning. It was kind of the cooking equivalent of T-ball; it was there, all I had to do was cook it.

Tonight will be different. I must decide and plan. Taco-Bell here we come!