This weekend was a busy one beginning with our trip to OSU. In all the time we’ve lived here, I’ve never been to Stillwater but since there’s nothing there but the university, I would have little reason to go there unless I had a kid enrolled.

They were having a hoop-dee-do there for high school juniors in which they tell the kids how wonderful OSU is and then let them attend a football game for half price. Unfortunately for me, the weather turned out to be really hot after a period of cool fall weather so it was 97 degrees and felt much hotter to me. Since we were going to an “event”, I wore jeans instead of my usual hot weather attire (shorts and T shirt) and I was pretty uncomfortable most of the time. There were so many students there that we couldn’t do much in the way of a detailed campus tour or actually meet any of the OSU students but we were favorably impressed enough to decide to go back later when there were fewer other high schoolers around.

The campus is very attractive and over all there loomed the stadium like a cathedral. It has recently been enlarged to good effect. I had not been to a college game where the fans actually got into it and expected to win in over 20 years. (too many years at TCU and the occasional game at the University of Tulsa) It reminded me of the old days at Arkansas but when you start saying things like “it reminded me of the old days” it’s time to give it up and move on so we enjoyed it for what it was worth, yelled a little, and left at half time when they were up by 27 points.

Good thing too since we were all craving something to drink in that heat. For some reason, Evan wanted to drive the car out of the parking garage and to the first available Sonic/convenience store. After wetting our collective whistles, everyone but me (the driver) fell asleep and no sounds were heard until we made it back into Tulsa.

I drove home to me the fact that the time has come for us to start filling out college apps, applying for financial aid, and choosing a major.

Sunday dawned rainy which was a relief. We let everybody sleep and went to the later service at church where we realized that Erin’s fall retreat photo-fest was scheduled. This was the event where they review last week’s fall retreat, talk about how fun it was, and show photos of the event. Those are always fun. Erin was asked to give a testimonial and so she got to take the stage for a moment. Most kids fear that more than death but she’s OK with it.

Later, Mel had bought tickets to take Erin to see “Cats” at the Performing Arts Center and so off they went. Erin has become quite a fan of broadway style musicals ever since we went to see Phantom of the Opera in New York and so she was extremely excited about this trip and she was not dissappointed.