Suffice it to say that things didn’t turn out like I’d hoped in that regard – not even close. Different planet in fact.

Anyway, nothing much going on – school and work.  My only interesting event (and associated gripe) involves the fact that during the last gas station fill-up the pump was out of kilter and didn’t automatically shut off and gas began pouring out onto the ground.  I was sitting in the truck listening to the radio and wasn’t aware of this and so several gallons were lost to the environment.  Even though gas had reduced in price significantly, I had to pay $40 anyway – several dollars of that wasted on a toxic waste spill.  I often use those leftover cents on the WalMart cash cards to pay for downloaded songs and so now I don’t have that either.  Gripe, gripe, gripe.  Life is good if that’s all I can find to complain about.

There’s a good bit to compain about at that particular WalMart.  They apparently can’t keep people in the automotive department so the tires I bought there have gone unbalanced due to a lack of tire “technicians”.  Plus, we can only sporadically get our oil changed due to shorthandedness.  Time to write an email to the corporate dweebs and see if my voice is ever heard at all.