So about this time last year (maybe later) the doc told me my cholesterol was high.  It had been normal for my entire life (to judge from previous tests) and now it was high.

Why is this?  Did some switch get flipped by accident?  Did I fall in the yard while picking up a stick and accidently hit the “cholesterol – ON” switch?  Them doctors, they knows a lot but they don’t knows enough I’m-a thinkin’.

He wrote me a prescription.  This stuff worked on me like gangbusters – apparently I’m super-sensitive and responsive to it and my cholesterol went from over 200 to 85.  Well, this is way below normal. It isn’t clear what this means now.  Cholesterol must be there for a reason so it follows that I do need at least some of it.  Plus, that stuff made me feel tired and run-down.  Maybe.  Perhaps it was the lack of exercise.  I was very unscientific about it in that I started taking those meds and exercising at the same time.

At any rate, the doc told me to crack each little pill in half and take that.  Either that or the exercise has made me feel much better.  Or maybe it was some random virus that hit me.  I’ll never know.  But the latest cholesterol test shows the following:

Total:  108, HDL 37, LDL, 55.  All of these are below normal – outside the (pretty generous) ranges.  So now what?  How much cholesterol does one really need?  Is it bad to be below normal?

Questions.  Always more questions.  Just once I want to notice something about my body and have the doctor say “No, that’s no problem.”  Just one definitive answer; that’s all I want.