Whoo! Last week was too busy. Now I have a five-day weekend to make up for it. Now that’s pretty cool – like a mini-vacation. Since I had to do that business trip on the weekend, I ended up working about 13 days straight and so now I have some time off. It wasn’t really all that bad; business trips aren’t really like working at the office. I’m usually doing something interesting so in some ways it’s like a vacation. Except that sometimes you are traveling with someone you can’t stand. But nobody said life was always fair or fun.

Work was crazy-busy this past week and shows no signs of stopping but in the defense industry, that’s always a good thing. This business is notorious for being an up-and-down affair depending on whether democrats or republicans are in office and with republicans in office now, my coffers are full.

We didn’t so anything too fun this weekend since we have teenagers. They often have plans of their own that we don’t know about until the last minute and so Evan and Erin found something to do with friends in such a way that we couldn’t have planned around. As a result, Mel and I did no more than go see a movie by ourselves yesterday but this in itself was a good thing. Still, one has the feeling that one wasted a long weekend during which we could have gone somewhere but as it was, we spent no money and that’s good too.

Dixie provided most of the excitement yesterday. A squirrel snuck onto our screened back patio and could find his way out so I tried to sneak out and open the back door fully to help him along but Dixie saw this and bolted out the door before I even knew she was there and IT was ON! She chased it around and around with the squirrel racing full-tilt towards the screens only to not realize that the screen was there and so smashing into it and take off in another direction like a furry ball in a pinball machine – Dixie hot on its heels all the time. She finally managed to snag him several times; each time he would screech in the strange manner of a squirrel in distress.

During all this excitement, I was holding the screen door open, hoping that soon the squirrel would by random chance, exit my patio and take the fight outside. I was doing a bit of dancing myself since the fight occasionally came pretty close to my bare feet and legs so this little dance was probably very entertaining to anyone who might have seen it. Fortunately, nobody did. This went on for what seemed like hours. Dixie would snag the squirrel by the hind quarters and flip it; often in my direction which accounted for my stranged hopping about. My cries of “Dixie stop!” fell on deaf ears. She’s a good dog most of the time but at times like these, she doesn’t pay attention to me or anyone else.

Twice the squirrel twisted around during one of these bite-flips and bit her on the chin; hanging on in fear for a few seconds. Dixie would yelp, shake, and flip and off they’d go again. Finally, the squirrel noticed a region of open air and headed outside. By that time, he was getting pretty tired and Dixie caught him for one last bite. He laid there on his back; unmoving except for the little heaving chest. I finally managed to get Dixie’s attention but the squirrel kept moving a little and the dog just kept on biting. Finally I dragged her inside. Not long after, the squirrel got up painfully and limped away; slowly climbing the tree and making his exit. The dog had that focused, proud look that they get when they’ve caught and killed something. There was no sign of that servile, member of the pack look. As I checked her for squirrel bites, she was clearly reliving the experience in her mind and looking longingly outside.

Stupid dog.