… of cellphone activation.  What a clusterf&^k!  Erin and I both received our phones yesterday but they both had the same number!  We drove directly to the store up in town where they are reputed to have the smartest people.  We had to sign in and wait for 45 minutes while the two (only two!) people helped the interminably indecisive idiots who also wanted phones.  Finally, I was helped and immediately shuffled off to the phone-based customer service.  I could have done that from home but instead I ended up standing in a store on 71st street for about an hour while one customer service rep after another misunderstood what my problem was and tried to help with a slightly different problem than the one I really had.

Finally I got a guy on the phone (not my cell phone though! Ironically, I had to use a land line for all this) who created a new phone number for me.  Then after hanging up, it still didn’t work!  I went home and spent another 20 minutes on the phone and finally it works now.

After all this, I don’t even want a cell phone any more.  I hope it’s all over now.