I just spent three days at White Sands Missile Range.  It was, as always, interesting.  In the meantime, Erin got her braces off just in time for school to start.  That, coupled with a new hairdo, should put her over the top in coolness.  At least she’s happy with it so far.

It was raining at White Sands which is a new experience for me.  I was wandering around the little rocket park museum admiring the rockets on sticks when it began to rain on me with huge drops.  I was totally wet in moments.  This was about the same time that a group of coyotes began to yelp and howl nearby but I’m not sure if the two events were related.  The rain interfered somewhat with my photographic efforts but I managed to get a few photos that are worth keeping.

I got out of my meeting a bit early and rather than make a mad dash for the airport in the hopes of taking an exhausting red-eye home, I instead found a good mexican restaurant and then hit a movie theater and saw “Talledega Nights”.  Dumb movie by the way but it was only five bucks so who can complain?  It made me laugh a few times.