Strange thing on the way home from work.  At a 4-way stop, a teenaged girl ran through her stop sign and slammed into my right front fender with her little Mustang and almost broken my wheel off.  Thank goodness nobody was hurt.  She was pretty upset though – crying and everything.

Funny thing is: although I was pretty shaken up, I haven’t ever gotten mad or anything.  For one of the first times in my life I’ve kept my cool the whole time and not seen anything productive in getting mad.  The kid was crying anyway – getting angry at her wouldn’t have gotten us anything.  She was too upset to call so she gave me her cell phone, I called 911, I called Melissa to come get me, she called her grandparents, and then we waited.  I let her sit in my truck since it was in the shade and the temp was blistering.

The cop was nice enough.  He took the info and let the kid sit in his car to keep cool while I waited in Mel’s van.

This is darned inconvenient though.  I keep thinking back on it – why didn’t I see her coming?  I’m usually pretty good at seeing potential problems like somebody coming too fast to stop but this time I guess I was on autopilot while I was coming home.  I never expect issues on those country roads anyway – it’s in town that I keep my guard up.